President Bhandari intermingles with children at Balmandir

Kathmandu, Jan 11: President Bidya Devi Bhandari today went to the Balmandir or the children’s home operated by Nepal Children’s Organisation at Naxal and acquainted herself of the condition of the children taking shelter there and the building of the children’s home which was damaged by the April 25 earthquake.

On the occasion, the President talked to 35 children between three years to five years old, and nine disabled girl child taking shelter at the children’s home, as well as distributed biscuits, chocolate and candies. The children were elated after receiving eatables from hands of the Head of the State.Similarly, President Bhandari distributed blankets and formula food for 22 infants below three months old who are under the care and custody of the Balmandir.

The children at the children’s home have been kept in different rooms made of prefab after the main building of the NCO suffered total damage due to the earthquake and many aftershocks.

These prefab shelters were also constructed at the initiation of Creative Nepal, an organisation of the youths who are the alumni of the Balmandir.

The NCO’s children’s homes at Naxal, Sifal, Bhimfedi and other places were destroyed by the devastating earthquake. Although the buildings were damaged, there were no human casualties.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare CP Mainali, Secretary at the Ministry Madhu Prasad Regmi, NCO chairperson Rita Baidya and general secretary Suresh Dahal, among other officials welcomed the President at the children’s home.

The NCO that provides shelter and education to the underprivileged children is said to be in a financial crisis these days.

On the occasion, NCO general secretary Dahal briefed President Bhandari about the condition of the Organisation and said they were finding it difficult to manage due to the shortage of funds.

The NCO currently runs children’s homes in all the 75 districts of the country where 298 helpless children are sheltered.

NCO chairperson Baidya presented a picture of the Balmandir to the President and Deputy Prime Minister Mainali as souvenir.