DPM Thapa urges all to work for country’s economic development

Kamal Thapa

Bhaktapur, Jan 12: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Local Development Kamal Thapa today said that the country has entered a new era with the promulgation of the constitution.

Inaugurating the second town council meeting of Suryabinayak Municipality in the district, DPM Thapa urged all to work for economic development and prosperity of Nepal without wasting time.“Twenty years of time including decade-long Maoist insurgency and 10 years of subsequent transition has elapsed. So we should concentrate on economic development of Nepali people without wasting time,” he said.

He added that country’s development would witness a sea change within 10 years ahead if country’s economic development is focused right from today.

In a different context, DPM Thapa said that the constitution was promulgated on the basis of agreement as it was not practical to accommodate voices of all people in the constitution.

Saying that those dissatisfied with the constitution could get their concerns addressed with an amendment to the document, he said that the constitution is the base of country’s development.

Similarly speaking at the event, Assistant Minister for Land Reforms Dinesh Shrestha and lawmakers Rameshwor Dhungel, Kedar Sanjel and Anuradha Thapa Magar stressed on the need to put infrastructure and economic development of four newly-formed municipalities in Bhaktapur on high priority.