Hospital service affected due to power outage

Baitadi, Jan 13: The medical services in the Gokulashower Hospital, the second biggest public health facility in Baitadi district, have been adversely affected in lack of adequate supply of electricity.

The intermittent supply of power from the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)’s Power Distribution Centre in Darchula to the Gokuleshower area has further added to the woe of the Hospital as many electrically operated medical equipments cannot function in lack of smooth supply of electricity.According to Dr Chetraj Bhatta, Chief of the Hospital, even if the supply of power is regular and smooth, there is issue with voltage, which has caused problems in rendering various health services to the patience.

Dr Bhatta further shared about the compulsion of operating generator even at times when there is power.

The children and elderly, who are vulnerable to cold-related diseases, including pneumonia, are also deprived of proper healthcare service as the Nebulizer, equipment for treating pneumonia, does not function in lack of electricity or in low voltage, said Dr Bhatta.

He bemoaned that in spite of the Hospital’s earnest appeal with the concerned authority to install a separate transformer for it to render continuous healthcares services, it has gone unheeded.

Although the NEA, Darchula has upgraded 50 kva transformers to 100 at the Gokuleshower Area, the voltage fluctuation does not cease to stop. “The voltage fluctuation could have resulted due to some issue in the power distribution, explained Ram Dinesh Chaudhary, Chief of Power Distribution Center, Darchula. RSS