Constitution has not discriminated against anyone: PM Oli

Kathmandu, Jan 14: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Thursday said Nepal’s Constitution does not discriminate against anyone.

In a meeting with South Asian Human Rights Association (SAHRA) delegation, PM Oli said some individuals and groups were defaming the constitution to create instability. He said a constitution promulgated with signatures of 86 per cent lawmakers must be recognized as a democratic constitution. “The process that was followed to promulgate the constitution is also democratic,” PM Oli insisted.

PM Oli blamed the work of inciting the people with statements asking what the Madhesi community had gained from a constitution as causing the problem. “The constitution does not give the people rice grains and pulses, it gives them rights; equality,” the PM said.

Stating that Nepal and India always led friendly relations, the PM further added it should not be defined wrongly. PM Oli emphasized that Nepal-India relations existed also in a natural manner as the water from Nepal’s Himalaya flowed into India’s Bihar and Bengal and that it returned as rain to Nepal’s mountains after going through evaporation process. “We have been made close mutual friends on both natural and human front,” he said.