Nepal elected Chairman of UNESCO’s regional group ASPAC

Kathmandu, Jan 14: Nepal has assumed the Chairmanship of the Regional Group of the Asia and Pacific Countries (ASPAC) of UNESCO for the year 2016.

Nepali ambassador to France, Ambika Devi Luitel took over the chairmanship of ASPAC amid a special ceremony held in the French capital city of Paris on Thursday, according to the press statement released by Nepali embassy in France.

Nepal has assumed the responsibility of Chairperson for the first time since it acquired the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s membership in 1953.

Nepali envoy to France Luintel took charge of the position from outgoing ASPAC Chairman Zhang Xiuqin, also Chinese ambassador to France, the press release stated.

While Nepal is to be Chairperson of the ASPAC regional group’s bureau for the year 2016, Malaysia has been elected its Vice-Chair and Palau, a country in Oceania its Secretary and Treasurer.

This is third year in a row that Nepal remains in the bureau of the Group.