China state-owned TV’s claim on Mount Everest draws public outrage

KATHMANDU, May 10: China’s state-owned television network China Global Television Network has claimed Mount Everest lies in China’s autonomous region, Tibet.

After the Chinese government sent a team of scientists and surveyors to scale the world’s tallest peak amid ban over the coronavirus pandemic, the CGTN on May 2 tweeted claiming the world’s tallest peak is in China along with some photographs.

“In pictures: An extraordinary sun halo was spotted Friday in the skies over Mount #Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak located in China’s #Tibet Autonomous Region,” the television tweeted.

The Everest lies between the border of Nepal and Tibet. Nepal and China in 1960 reached a border dispute resolution agreement, according to which the southern ridge of Everest will belong to Nepal.

And since, the Southern ridge is taller than the northern ridge, the highest peak is apparently located in Nepal, which is globally accepted. The northern ride is very less used for expedition and mountaineering purposes.

China’s attempt to consolidate its claim on Mt Everest, amid controversy over the road link via Lipulekh which passes through Nepali territory, has drawn widespread criticisms in social media users from Nepal and India, netizens have called it a “fake news” and even questioned Nepal Government’s silence over the issue.

“Mt Everest lies in Nepal. The tweeting will not change geography. China get your facts right,” a user responded to CGTN’s status.

“@MoFANepal Is this true? Mount Everest is in China, as they are claiming?,” another user wrote.

“Don’t share fake news,” an Indian user wrote.