Rs 160 million for school building construction

Baitadi, Jan 16: The District Education Office, Baitadi, is scheduled to spend Rs 160 million for the construction of school buildings in the district.

The Office said that 55 severely damaged school buildings from the earthquake would be constructed. Likewise, a total of 142 school buildings that have witnessed partial damages would be repaired.District Education Officer Shanker Dutta Bhatta said that construction works would begin in 13 schools under the classrooms rehabilitation programme while 38 schools would be supported under the external environment programme.

It is said that the buildings having eight, six and four classrooms should be completed within two years while the two-room buildings should be completed within this fiscal year.

Altogether Rs 6.4 million is the cost for the 8-room building and Rs 2.4 million would be released in the current fiscal year while the cost of the six-room building is Rs 4.8 million.

Bhatta added that the schools were selected as per the guidelines prepared by the Department of Education. He said that the schools having better result in SLC exams and having no new infrastructure construction in the past five years were selected.