Remote Myagdi health facility struggling to run for want of budget

Babiyachaur (Myagdi), Jan 16: The health centre at remote Ghodepani of Ghar VDC-1 in Myagdi is being run with income from the sale of water, as it has no other alternative.

Apart from other administrative works, staffs are paid and medicines purchased with income from the sale of water through ‘Community Safe Drinking Water (CSDW)’ being run by Ghodepani Health and Society Improvement Committee, said the committee’s treasure Tak Bahadur Pun.
The five-bed health facility was established in 2064 BS with financial contribution and voluntary labour of the locals at the cost of around Rs one million.
Local people as well as tourists visiting the area are availing of medical service at the health institution. Health workers at the centre said that 60 to 100 patients particularly suffering from diarrhoea, cold and dental problem visit the health centre on a monthly-basis.
Assistant Health Worker Binu Thapa said that apart from medicines, the centre offers the services of counseling and check-up.