DPM Rawal accuses Front of not being serious

Biratnagar, Jan 16: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defense Bhim Rawal on Saturday insisted the country’s recently promulgated constitution was progressive and forward looking, and that it did not guarantee rights any less than the constitutions under practice in South Asian countries.

Inaugurating a programme ‘Constitution promulgation historic achievement; national unity, consolidation and prosperity the obligation’ organised by CPN (UML) – Morang in Biratnagar, DPM Rawal made it clear that the constitution drafted with participation of lawmakers representing all the classes, communities, religion and culture addressed the sentiment of one and all.He said commissions had been arranged for Dalits, Madhesi community, indigenous nationalities, and the marginalized and backward groups.

The proposal for constitution’s amendment should not be prolonged any longer, DPM Rawal said, adding that talks with Nepali Congress would be held on the subject. He urged the agitating United Madhesi Democratic Front (UDMF) to play a role in passage of the proposal.

DPM Rawal, who is also CPN (UML) Vice Chairman, said an illusion was being spread regarding the constitution which bears the signatures of 90 per cent of the lawmakers from different communities. He urged the party activists to succeed in the ongoing door-to-door campaign to unmask the illusion on the constitution.

Countering the UDMF claim that the government is not serious towards negotiations, DPM Rawal said the Front did not seem to be serious over seeking a resolution to the crisis.

He said the UDMF demand for en masse recruitment of representatives of a certain community into the national army was an unheard of demand which did not happen in any of the countries around the world while adding it was made to delusion the people.