Former VP Jha unconvinced of agreement anytime soon

Kathmandu, Jan 16: Former Vice President Paramanada Jha on Saturday said he did not believe the country would find a solution to the current crisis by January 19 citing that possibility of consensus looked unlikely due to the unchanged mentality of the leaders.

At an interaction organized by Disha Nirdesh Press Club here, Jha attributed the problems getting aggravated due to the irresponsible statements coming from leaders of the parties in the government.

Former House Speaker Subas Nembang said it was not appropriate to say that the constitution was promulgated in haste as it had taken five years and eight months.

Deputy Prime Minister CP Mainali said the delay in promulgating the new constitution would have risked jeopardizing the consensus among the political parties on the constitution’s content. He further claimed that the constitution was issued at the right time and that problem emanating from it would be resolved gradually.

Another DPM Chitra Bahadur KC said the trend of taking up the issues of certain class and community had invited the problems. “We should look towards the country first not only caste, region, religion and language,” KC emphasized.

On the occasion, Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai said the constitution was a common agreement among parties representing different ideology, region and classes, and that it was usual it seemed incomplete when one viewed it from a perspective of a certain party, caste, region and religion.

He said there was no reason to be anxious as arrangement had been made for amendment to incorporate the subjects that were left out in view of different classes.