Leader Yadav emphasises revision on constitution

Inaruwa, Jan 16: Chairman of the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Upendra Yadav, has underlined the need of revision in the constitution citing it failed to incorporate many issues of the Madhes.

Addressing a corner meet organised here on Saturday, he said they were not going to back-off from the agitation until the rights of the oppressed communities including the Madhesis were ensured.Leader Yadav stressed on the need of revising the constitution by incorporating issues as delineation of the electoral constituencies on the basis of population, proportional participation of all the people in all the State bodies on the basis of population, guarantee of protecting the language and identity of the different communities and the provision of naturalised citizenship, among others.

The FSFN chairman alleged the major parties of keeping the country in confusion, saying they were not serious on addressing their demands despite more than 26 rounds of talks so far.