PPR epidemic in Bajura

Bajura, Jan 17: The farmers in Bajura district have suffered a huge loss after an outbreak infectious peste des petits ruminants (PPR) disease, also known as goat plague, some two weeks ago.

The disease has spread in most of the areas in the district, claiming as high as 400 goats and sheep. The farmers have expressed their dissatisfaction over the oblivious of the stakeholders to contain the disease on animals and dillydallying in supply of vaccines.The farmers said that they have faced a huge loss from the death of the cattle and have urged the District Livestock Office to take steps to contain the disease.

Some 50 sheep of Bhakta Karki of Humla district, who had brought the sheep to Mana region of Badimalika in Bajura for grazing, died of the PPR disease while 45 sheep of Nangyal Lama of Khanalgaun-5 in Humla district also died. Normally, a sheep is sold for Rs 13,000 to Rs 18,000. Lama said that his family has no other alternative occupation to pastoral farming.

The livestock health workers have suspected that the PPR disease could have spread to Bajura from Kalikot and Humla.

Acting Chief of the District Livestock Office Siddharaj Jaisi said that the livestock health workers have been mobilised in the affected areas in the first phase.