Leader Poudel claims his run for presidency is people’s verdict

Dang, Jan 18: Nepali Congress (NC) Vice-President Ramchandra Poudel has reaffirmed that his candidacy to the Party’s President in the upcoming general convention was in response to the public’s will.

NC, the biggest political party in the Legislature-Parliament and now the major opposition, is going to hold its 13th general convention in Kathmandu from March 3-6.At a programme organized by Nepal Press Union, Dang Chapter at Ghorahi in Dang today, leader Poudel affirmed that he will not backtrack and nobody could stop him from vying for running for the Party President.

Poudel was quick to add that if he were ever elected the Party President, he will lead the party in a more organized way by ending the fractional politics and drive the party as a single entity.

He argued that his candidacy was important to further heighten the Party and end disparity.