Anthrax surfaces in eastern Palpa

Rampur (Palpa) Jan 19: Anthrax, a highly infectious animal disease, has surfaced for the first time in Palpa district.

Rajendra Ghimire, an official in the District Public Health Office, Palpa, confirmed that anthrax which can be transmitted to people as well was seen in some cattle at Galdha VDC-7 in eastern Palpa.

Ghimire said that the lab tests from the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division conducted on Sunday confirmed the reports of anthrax in the cattle.

Special teams of health workers from the Pokhara-based Western Regional Office of Public Health Office and Palpa would be mobilised in the affected areas from today by considering the possibility of the disease being spread among the people.

Ghimire shared that people’s life would be at risk if the bacteria of the disease gets through the human stomach and head by any means.

Experts say that the patients develop the symptoms like pneumonia, blood in sputum, vomiting and fever if the bacteria entered into the human body.

The locals in the areas are asked to remain cautious from the anthrax and visit the health posts nearby if they develop any of such symptoms.

Likewise, the District Livestock Office, Palpa, said that a total of 40 cows, buffaloes and oxen have died in the last six months in Galdha VDC.