Elephant terror grips Thori

Birgunj, Jan 19: An elephant from the Chitwan National Park has caused terror in Thori area of Parsa district for some couple of days.

The elephant has demolished houses of locals as well as destroyed the crops in the nearby VDCs. It is said that the folks have passed the nighttimes without a sleep, fearing the elephant terror.Chairman of Chitwan National Park Nirmal Thori Buffer Zone Users’ Committee Hari Prasad Khanal said that locals’ life is terrorised after the entry of the violent elephant in the human settlement.

The tusker demolished six houses and ate up the paddy stored in the houses last night. The rogue elephant demolished the houses of Balram Sharma and Jit Bahadur BK in Thori-1, the victims said.

The locals said that Kasara-based office of the Chitwan National Park was asked to send a team to take the elephant under control but villagers’ request was not heard so far. Last week, a 70-year-old woman had also died in the elephant attack.