NC has more responsibility in its shoulder, argues leader Sitaula

Birendranagar, Jan 19: Nepali Congress (NC) General Secretary Krishna Prasad Sitaula has argued that NC has borne more responsibilities than the ruling coalition parties.

At a programme organized by NC, Surkhet, on Tuesday, General Secretary Sitaula claimed that NC is more responsible as its mandate has been peace, development, good governance and prosperity.
NC, the biggest political party in the Legislature-Parliament, is now functioning as the major opposition.
Stating that many groundbreaking political developments were heralded in the country during the leadership of the Nepali Congress, leader Sitaula, also former Minister for Home Affairs, clarified that the implementation of the new constitution will also be executed under his party leadership.
He was of the belief that the economic development had been a pipe dream for the country owing to the political instability. “The effective implementation of the new constitution could ensure political stability and economic development thereafter,” said Sitaula.
Also speaking at the programme, Parliamentarian Hridayaram Thani underscored the NC’s leadership to undertake the development works and work for nation-building.