Earthquake-hit Surel people in dire need of warm clothes, aid

Dolakha, Jan 20: As many as 58 Surel community families in Suri Village Development Committee (VDC) of Dolakha District are in urgent need of warm clothes.

The Surel is a minority community, mainly settled in Suri VDC. Most of the houses in the village were flattened by the April 25 earthquake, displacing these families who are now living in makeshift shelters or tents.

Women, children and specially the elderly people have started falling ill due to the intense cold. It is said these families are facing much hardship as they lack even the basic necessities.

A majority of the earthquake-affected Surel families are economically poor and are in a wretched condition. Although a few families are living in the makeshift sheds constructed out of corrugated zinc sheets, many are living in tents.

The locals have complained that they are deprived of relief for the earthquake affected because of the remoteness of the area from the district headquarters.

They say that the token relief the government has provided was not enough even to buy food and essentials. Most of all, Surels are in dire need of warm clothes to survive the winter chill, said 35-year-old Neer Kumari Surel. According to her, the elderly, children, the sick and the expectant mothers are in vulnerable condition.

Making bamboo baskets and wares is the traditional occupation of the Surels. The population of the Surels who live only in Suri and Khare VDCs in Dolakha is 221.