There is nothing with name of Mass Media Academy: FNJ

Kathmandu, Jan 22: The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has said that it has no prejudiced argument over the decision of the government in the naming of the would-be-formed Mass Media Academy.

The FNJ leadership has made such fresh stance after an office-bearer and some central committee members of the FNJ issued a press statement saying that the incumbent government was reversing the erstwhile government’s decision to constitute the Academy under the name of Santa leader and former prime minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai.

It is said that the Ministry of Information and Communications has sent the proposal to the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Law for the approval on naming and constitution processes of the Academy.

FNJ General Secretary Ujir Magar told RSS that the FNJ has given more attention to the constitution of the Academy instead of its name. “We did not recommend any names in the past and have not done this time as well,” Magar said.

He also said that the statement of some central committee members and office-bearer was not the official opinion and that was the expression given by breaching the democratic process.

Likewise, issuing a press statement, FNJ Vice-chair Anita Bindu and central committee members Madhav Dulal, Prakash Timalsina, Shital Mahato and Ranjana Poudel have expressed reservations for replacing the name of leader Bhattarai from Academy.