Consensus on constitution still not coming by

Kathmandu, Jan 23: The meeting of the Parliament has been affected as the top leaders of the major political parties and the taskforce constituted for fine-tuning the constitution amendment language still differ on which version of the amendment to pass.

Because of this, there is still confusion regarding the Constitution Amendment Bill. However, the party leaders have been saying that they are close to agreement and preparations are on for convening the Parliament meeting soon, according to the Parliament Secretariat source.

Apart from the main amendment proposal, 24 amendment proposals have been registered for making amendment to the different Articles of the constitution.

It is said the major parties are discussing which of the proposals to take up. The top leaders of the major parties including Prime Minister KP Oli, the Whips of the parliamentary boards of these parties and the office-holders of the taskforce are huddled in the talks in effort to reach a consensus.