Thick fog and cold wave affects life in eastern region

Biratnagar, Jan 25: The cold wave has adversely affected the normal life in eastern region for the past few days.

Dense fog in the wake of a cold wave for the past four days has adversely affected the potato plants as well as the livestock.

People are most of the time staying indoors to escape the cold. Movement of people in Biratnagar bazaar has also decreased due to the cold.

Amita Jha, a housewife, said that mostly housewives have been hit hard and are suffering from common cold and cough as they have to use water time and again in course of doing household chores.

Similarly, less number of service seekers is found visiting the government offices in Biratnagar as compared to previous days. The Kathmandu-Biratnagar flights have also been disrupted for the past couple of days.

Meanwhile, farmers are worried after the potato plants started drying up due to the extreme cold.