Morcha express dissatisfaction over constitution amendment

Kathmandu, Jan 25: The Federal Madhesi Morcha has protested the undemocratic act of the government, citing the government amended the new constitution forcefully by neglecting its main demands.

Stating that the new constitution, amended by the government in a monopolistic manner, could not work in favour of Madhesi, Muslim, Dalit, indigenous communities, the Morcha blamed the government for trying to invite conflict in the country by neglecting its major demands including declaration of electoral constituencies in Madhes on the basis of population, representation in all the State organs on the basis of population, among others.

A press release jointly released by four political parties associated to the Morcha today stated that it decided to launch stern protest against the anti-Madhes act by the incumbent government.

The Morcha drew the conclusion that there was no alternative to all sides to be united and launch the agitation soon as solidarity of all sides was a compulsion to make the ongoing Madhes agitation result-oriented and decisive.

Stating that the government has been presenting itself in an aggressive manner in the agitation, the Morcha said the Rangeli incident proved it.

Chairman of the Lok Dal, Kaushal Kumar Singh, Chairman of the Bahujan Samaj Party Nepal, Ganga Mahara, Chairman of the Nepal Samajbadi Party (Lohiyabadi), Nandan Yadav and Spokesperson of the Loktantrik Party Nepal, Dharmendra Yadav, had jointly issued the press release.