Kurling Baraha in Pokhara at backburner

(Basudev Poudel)

Pokhara, Jan 28: Kurling Baraha, the place towards the southern rim of Lekhnath Municipality-18 with huge potential for tourism, has long been pushed to the backburner in lack of adequate publicity and development of basic infrastructures.

Despite being in the vicinity of the world-renowned tourist spot- Pokhara, this place is in shadow.

A pond is believed to have come into existence in ancient time in this area which had a Baraha temple in its middle, according to a local Kamalraj Chapagain.

Chapagain shared that the locals believe that human settlement started in this area after the pond burst and the water dried up.

The place lying in the vicinity of the Suraudi River has fertile soil where the locals can try their luck for the commercial farming of vegetables, opines Chapagain, adding that the River could be used for commercial fish farming as the water never dries up in any seasons.

Another local Ramesh Mahat added that a Baraha Temple has recently been built in this place after the locals’ initiatives where they conduct religious performances like worshiping, sacrificing animals and the like.

“If Kurling is connected with road and a bridge is constructed over the Suraudi River, the place would be advanced in many ways,” argues Mahat.

Kurling has lush green jungle which is rich in flora and fauna. Locals believe that if a one-day trekking route is developed from Gagangaida, Apubhanjyang, Manial Danda, Barpauwa, Chawadi to Kurling, it could attract a good number of nature-loving tourists.

Furthermore, another trekking route could be developed from Dulegauda in Tanahu to Ghari, Dhamikuna, Chawadi, Barsha to Kurling.

Local social worker Toknath Poudel was of the opinion that Kurling Baraha was lagging behind in lack of proper road connectivity and a bridge over the Suraudi River.

Kurling Baraha, despite housing many environmental aesthetics, including the diverse geographical terrain, is waiting for the concerned authorities to gauge its potential, develop and redefine the place as a tourist spot.