Tributes paid to martyrs Shrestha, Chand

Kathmandu, Jan 29: As part of the week-long event, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City this morning organised a programme to pay tributes to martyrs Gangalal Shrestha and Dashrath Chand at Shova Bhagawati where the two heroes were executed on this day by the Rana rulers in 1997 BS.

The Martyrs’ Week is marked every year since 2012 BS under the aegis of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.
Earlier this week, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City organised commemorative programmes to pay tributes to martyr Shukraraj Shastri at Pachali on January 24 and at Sifal to pay tribute to martyr Bhakta Mathema on January 27 as per the time-honoured tradition.