Women-run Community Information Centre effective

Ratnanagar (Chitwan), Jan 29: The Community Information Centre, run at Madi Valley in Chitwan by a group of local women has been found rendering communication services more effectively than that run by men in other districts.

The Centre, established last year in financial support from the VDC and Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) as well as other humanitarian agencies, renders communication related services as telephone, facsimile, photocopy, lamination, scanning, video call among others at a fairly reasonable price.The Centre has been operated by Samanwaya Women Agriculture Cooperative, a cooperatives run by impoverished women in the locality, according to Indira BK, Chairperson of the Cooperatives.

Such Centres have been promoted by the MoIC with an objective to develop and expand information and communication sector to the rural level.

Local Ganga Bhandari is elated to avail communication services from the place she describes as located at the next door. She especially goes to the Centre for video chatting with her kins abroad.

Earlier, locals in Madi Valley had to travel afar in the district for making a single call or sending email.

Another local Shree Prasad Dawadi gushes that the Information Centre as well the Cooperatives have been functioning efficiently and is a model one.

The operation of the Centre has not only eased in the external communications for the locals but also helped in earning livelihood for the locals, said Dawadi explaining, “The Cooperative which help run the Centre is also helping impoverished women become an agriculture entrepreneur.”