Tanahun brick factories suffer from to blockade

Damauli, Feb 1: The brick kilns operated in Tanahun district have faced severe crisis due to the longstanding blockade imposed from India.

The operators of the factories have said that they were forced to run the factories just to keep their image alive
The brick factories that were established with millions of investments have lost further due to India’s undeclared blockade after the Gorkha Earthquake caused damage.
Proprietor of Asmita Brick Factory Govinda Raj Panta said that the production has decreased for lack of raw materials while the produced materials were not getting better market.
Tanahun, Shree, Jamune and Ram brick factories have been closed for lack of raw materials and investments.
The operations of the brick factories have stated that folks have left to construct the buildings after the earthquake struck the country on April 25 last year. As high as l,500 people have got employment in the brick factories in Tanahun.