ancer Hospital gets medical appliances worth Rs 232 million

Chitwan, Feb 1: The government of China has donated different types of medical appliances worth Rs 232 million to the BP Koirala Memoraial Cancer Hospital.

Executive Director at the Hospital, Dr Chin Bahadur Pun said that the Chinese government provided 27 different types of medical appliances required at Intensive Care Unit (ICU).The medical appliances provided by the Chinese government included city scan machine, x-ray machine, portable digital ultra sound machine and bronchoscopy machine, among others. Patients were compelled to visit private hospitals and clinics after the machines went dysfunctional.

Executive Director Pun said that a Chinese technical team would install the medical appliances and would impart training to employees here for the operation of the machines. All the medical appliances would be brought into operation within mid-March. The Hospital still lack ICU and ICU service would be initiated at the hospital with the installation of the medical appliances.

The Cancer Hospital had started its services from October 11, 1995 with the support of the Chinese government. The Chinese government has been sending a medical-team comprising 15 doctors since the establishment of the Cancer Hospital.