Nat’l grid to get 7 megawatt power soon

Ilam, Feb 2: The Sanima Mai Hydropower Project has generated seven megawatt electricity from its cascade project based at Danabari and Chisapani VDCs in Ilam district.

The project has started its test production recently by completing the entire construction works.
Administrative Officer of the project, Basanta Poudel, said that the power generated from the project would be connected to the national transmission grid after fixing the technical pitfalls traced in course of the test production.
The power would be linked to the central transmission line at the Kodak-based substation of Kabeli corridor.
The Sanima Mai Hydropower Project has already produced and linked 22 megawatt electricity to the national grid in October 2015.
The project that started its construction works some five years ago has been completed in the slated timeframe with the investment of Rs 1.25 billion, Administrative Officer Poudel said