58 per cent drinking water projects in sorry state

Baglung, Feb 3: Nearly 58 per cent of the drinking water projects in the district are in the sorry state of affairs.

According to a survey undertaken by the Drinking Water and Sanitation Division Office, only 42 per cent projects are smoothly operating in the district.
Some of the projects are completely dysfunctional. With the drinking water projects remaining idle, the consumers are likely to face crisis of drinking water in their settlements.
The projects having no timely maintenance and up-gradation are not functioning in full capacity, said Division Chief Purna Prasad Upadhyay.
Though the rehabilitation programme has been in place for revitalizing the old projects it is also incomplete, he added. “There is rehabilitation programme for dysfunctional and dilapidating drinking water projects. But the budget allocated for the purpose is very low”, Upadhyay added.
“A budget of Rs 2.1 million has been allocated for the programme this year. But it has yet to be approved and released”, he shared.
More than 50 drinking water projects with 80 per cent funding from government and 20 per cent from people’s participation are under construction in the district.
According to Drinking Water and Sanitation Division Office, Baglung, around 90 per cent of the total populations of Baglung district are under the access of basic drinking water.