Internet access at Barpark

Gorkha, Feb 3: Barpark in Gorkah district, which saw the massive destruction of lives and property following the April 25 earthquake, is yet again facilitated with internet service.

The internet service has been made possible to this remote hilltop place Gorkha by Magsaysay Award winner Mahabir Pun and logistic support provided by Internet Society, an international organization.
Along with Barpark, Bhacchechowk in Hansapur VDC in the district has also availed wireless internet service.
Pun aims to extend the internet service to other remote areas in the district. “Locals have started availing internet service through mobile and computers. The installation of internet service has brought cheer to the locals in Barpark and Bhacchechowk,” said Pun.
Barpark had already enjoyed the internet service prior to the April 25 quake while this is the first time internet service is brought into operation in Bhachhechowk, technician Surya Subedi.
Jit Bahadur Gurung, a local from Bachhechowk, said that the locals here are elated after having internet access. “For us keeping abreast of happenings around the country and world has been through internet has been a source of happiness,” mentioned Gurung.