Rock garden and children’s park in the offing

Ilam, Feb 5: Construction works for a rock garden with rock climbing walls and children’s park has started in order to boost the internal tourism in Mahavir of Ilam Municipality-7.

Progressive Youth Society based in Mahavir has started the construction following a feasibility study.
With the allocation of budget of Rs 1 million from Mechi Hilly Area Tourism Promotion Development Committee, the construction of rock climbing wall, rock garden and children’s park has started, said Society Chairman, Umesh Mahat.
The feasibility study was held by Mechi Hilly Area Tourism Promotion Development Committee after which the Youth Society was given the responsibility of construction, said Committee Executive Director, Keshav Dhaurali.
The Youth Society said they chose Mahavir area as it was the most appropriate spot in the area for construction of the rock climbing wall and children’s park. Mahavir is located at a distance of one hour’s walk from the district headquarters.