UNDP joins communities to revive lost structures for tourism in Rasuwa

Rasuwa, Feb 7: The local government of Rasuwa has expressed enthusiasm over UNDP’s decision to help revive the local tourism- based economy with a focus on the reconstruction of community infrastructures and livelihood recovery initiatives along the trekking routes.

“Tourism is a lifeline to local economy and the earthquake has destroyed many infrastructures. UNDP’s assistance to the government’s efforts for tourism revival will give the message at home and abroad that Rasuwa is built back better,” said Chhowang Tenjing Tamang, Member of Parliament from Rasuwa. Parliamentarian Tamang and UNDP Nepal’s Country Director Renaud Meyer jointly launched UNDP’s Community Infrastructure and Livelihood Recovery Programme (LRP) in Dhunche.
LRP is to assist the local communities rebuild mostly tourism related vital 25 community infrastructures and 15 livelihood activities in the six northern VDCS of Dhunche, Langtang, Goljung, Gatlang, Briddim and Syaphru as part of reviving lost jobs and livelihood assets in Rasuwa.
Chief District Officer Shiva Ram Gelal said the government would “facilitate development programmes that are of people’s priorities. Initiatives that are closely anchored with the government’s recovery programme reflect people’s needs and will be more successful,” he observed.
UNDP Country Director Meyer said he would visit Rasuwa again and share the information to the government of Mauritius how much people have benefitted from the grant assistance of over 1 million dollars, through UNDP to the recovery needs of the earthquake affected communities. “When news reaches Mauritius that you have built stronger infrastructures, we can hope Langtang has tourists from Mauritius as well,” he opined. Local Development Officer Bishnu Prasad Koirala said UNDP’s decision to assist the earthquake affected communities in the northern VDCs would avail services who have had limited reach of service providers.

Team Leader of UNDP Livelihood Recovery Programme Niranjan Tamrakar said the assistance for the earthquake surviving communities is aimed at bringing about a more sustainable impact. “UNDP has implemented a Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Programme (TRPAP) in Rasuwa and has left its legacy. Much of that has been damaged by the quake and LRP will help revive the lost structures and lost hopes,” he said.
Chairperson of Manekor Society Nepal, Kaisang Nurbu Tamang said the reconstruction of community infrastructures would be a beacon for livelihood recovery for the people.
LRP aims to restore and stabilize the livelihoods of 20 thousand households affected by the earthquake through the reconstruction of 250 community infrastructures and 100 livelihood recovery interventions in Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Kavre, Nuwakot and Rasuwa.