Devotees throng Trivenidham

Parasi, Feb 8: A large number of devotees have thronged the Trivenidham and other areas in Nawalparasi district from early morning today to take a holy dip on the occasion of Maghe Aunsi.

Thousands of devotees from different districts in the country as well as from India have arrived in Trivenidham and other riverbanks of the Narayani River to worship and take the holy bath. Trivenidham is a confluence of three rivers, namely Narayani, Swornabhadra and Purnabhadra.
It is believed that happiness and prosperity would prevail in the family after performing worships and taking holy bath in the river on the occasion of Maghe Aunsi.
As high as 200,000 visitors are expected to take the holy dip and perform worships in Trivenidham this morning. Likewise, a big fare is also taking place in the same area.