Acute water shortage in Jajarkot hospital

 Jajarkot, Feb 8: The District Hospital, Jajarkot, has faced acute water shortage as the supply system was damaged while constructing the Khalanga-Panchkatiya road section in the district.

The health workers have said that the hospital has not even a single drop of water to provide to the patients.
Assistant Health Worker Bhim Raj Singh said that water crisis has caused problem to wash the clothes of newborns and mothers, feed medicines to the patients and carry out sanitation jobs in the area.
He said that the hospital is being cleaned by supplying water in ambulance from the Bheri River as the supply system was not regular for long.
The patients have expressed their serious concerns to the apathy of the stakeholders saying that the water crisis has caused grave situation in the hospital.
Singh admitted that clothes to be used in the hospital are not washed for a week due to lack of water. The hospital said that the problem of water crisis has not ended yet though the stakeholders were informed about the situation.