Business community’s suggestions for PM’s India trip

Birgunj, Feb 14: The industrialists and business persons based in Birgunj have said that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has to lay emphasis on infrastructure construction during his India visit to facilitate the trades between Nepal-India.

They have said that PM Oli should hold talks with India for railway line expansion in Nepal adding that railway line is a better option for the supplies of petroleum products and other highly essential goods.
-: 3 :-The industrialists have said that necessity of railway was further realised for the supplies of commodities during the blockade and Madhes agitation as the goods-laden containers from India and third countries could not leave for their destinations during the time.The Birgunj-based Dry Port witnessed remarkable imports of goods during the time of Madhes bandh after the goods from Calcutta arrived by trains. The Birgunj dry port is the only port of the country that is linked to the Indian railway.Industrialist Bijay Sarabagi said that railway was necessary for country’s economic transformation as the importers have asked the containers’ imports from railway after the disruption in the roadway due to strike and blockade.He said that PM Oli should make railway expansion an agenda of his India visit because most of the problems seen in the goods’ supply system would end if the railway was linked to Amlekhgunj which is at the distance of 33 kilometres from the Birgunj Dry Port.

Likewise, former chairman of Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ashok Kumar Temani, said that pipeline installation would help import petroleum products from India while supplies of all goods could be done in an easy manner after the construction of the railway.