Educational materials to students with intellectual disabilities

Bhaktapur, Feb 14: Bhaktapur chapter of the Federation of Nepal Books and Stationery Business has distributed educational materials to students with intellectual disabilities on the occasion of the National Book Day.

At a programme organised at Manav Bidhyagriha at Siddhikali in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality today, different educational materials including copies, pens, Nepali story books as well as fruits and sweets were provided to 27 students with intellectual disabilities, studying at the Bidhyagriha.Central member of the Federation, Krishna Chandra Poudel, and Bhaktapur chapter President of the Federation, Narendra Dhakal, distributed the educational materials to the students.

On the occasion, Poudel and Dhakal said that the Federation was also ready to provide educational materials to the Bidhyagriha in days ahead.

Bidhyagriha Principal Babu Krishna Ranjit said that equal opportunity should also be given to the students with intellectual disabilities.