Irregularities sensed in non-formal education programme

Mahendranagar (Dhanusha), Feb 23: The District Education Office (DEO), Dhanusha, has denied to release a total of Rs 11.8 million to nearly 100 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) saying that they failed to conduct the assigned programme of literary campaign.

The DEO has claimed that the NGOs did not conduct the programmes for non-formal education under the literacy campaign during the last three months of the previous fiscal year.The officials of the NGOs claimed that the officials of the DEO have not paid attention to probe the issue thoroughly and release the budget to the genuine NGOs after the transfer of then District Education Officer Shankar Karki.

It is said that the DEO officials have received a hefty amount in the name of monitoring of the programme. The DEO had allocated Rs 5.3 million for the monitoring of the non-formal education programme.

However, Assistant District Education Officer Danikanta Jha, who is also the focal person for the non-formal education programme, termed it a success as more than 80 per cent has been achieved.

The DEO had allocated Rs 42.5 million for facilitators’ salary, Rs 17.5 for miscellaneous accessories, Rs 283,000 for management and Rs 5.3 million for office expenditure for launching the literacy campaign in the district.

It is said that the ‘jhole’ NGOs run by the teacher unions’ leaders were given the amount while others are forced to visit the DEO frequently.

Many organisations are blamed for giving certificate of literate even to the illiterate people without conducting the programme.