‘Mobile Tracking’ system for promoting legal transaction of mobile phones

Kathmandu, March 3: The Ministry of Finance (MoF) today issued instruction for implementation of the ‘Mobile Tracking’ system to promote legal trade of mobile phones and streamline the effectiveness of related revenue collection.
Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel instructed the service providers through the Ministry of Information and Communications to implement International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMIE) and Equipment Identification Registration System (EIRS).
Minister Poudel summoned Minister of Information and Communications, Sherdhan Rai, Information and Communications Secretary, Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, Telecommunication Authority and Communication Service provider companies to the Finance Ministry on Wednesday instructing them to enact the decision.
The Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) has been asked to implement the system under an interim working procedure effective from April 13 and after due consultations with the concerned bodies.
The NTA has been instructed to make it mandatory for service providers to implement the IMIE and EIRS within the next six months and monitor its regulation.
The implementation of the tracking system will encourage legal import trade, reform the revenue collection and strengthen social security, Finance Ministry said.