Literacy rate in Morang up

Pathari (Morang), March 4: The literacy rate in Morang district has increased by 16.87 percent in the four years since the national census. The literacy rate in the district was 70.13 percent as per the National Census, 2011 data.

The increase in the literacy rate in the district is attributed to the literacy campaign started by the government. The number of people in the district who did not know how to read and write before the start of the literacy campaign was 158 thousand 436.Out of that illiterate population four years back, only 23 thousand 549 people are illiterate in the district now, according to the District Education Office, Morang.

The assistant district education officer Phanindra Khatri said the district education office has the target of making the remaining illiterate people literate by May 13 this year.