Detailed survey being carried out for building 10 suspension bridges

Kanchanpur, March 4: The District Development Committee (DDC), Kanchanpur has forwarded detailed survey works for the construction of 10 suspension bridges in the district.

The DDC Kanchanpur stated that the construction of this number of suspension bridges would be started from the current fiscal year. The suspension bridge construction projects are continuation from the projects selected in the last fiscal year.Detailed survey works have been forwarded for construction of the suspension bridges over the Bachhela Khola stream, over a stream near the Ghatal Secondary School, the Chaudhary stream and the Basanta Thala stream in Bedkot Municipality, over the Sanobara stream in Jhalari Pipaladi Municipality, over the Doda river at Punarbas Municipality, over the Kanakatti river at Suda, over the Nandipur stream at Krishnapur, according to the DDC Kanchanpur.

The DDC has allocated Rs 3495880 for carrying out the detailed survey works.