Chure programme will contribute in stopping deforestation: Speaker Gharti

Kathmandu, March 4: Speaker Onsari Gharti has said the President Chure-Tarai Madhes Conservation Programme would help prevent deforestation, conserve the natural environment and achieve sustainable development.

Addressing an interaction on the Chure-Tarai Madhes Conservation and Management Master Plan Draft here today, Speaker Gharti said that the parliament was lending a special focus on conservation of the natural resources and heritages.
Insisting on fast-paced development and prosperity along with the implementation of the new constitution as today’s necessity, she urged the political parties help facilitate in resolving the issues coming in the way of the constitution’s implementation.
On the occasion, Minister for Forests and Soil Conservation Agni Prasad Sapkota said the conservation of the Chure area was connected with the nation and the preservation of the people’s lives.
Similarly, Minister for Youth and Sports Satya Narayan Mandal said the Environment Conservation Committee under the parliament must work to stop the selling and distribution of the natural resources.
Udaya Chandra Thakur, Secretary at the Forests and Soil Conservation Ministry, spoke of the necessity for viewpoint, will power and commitment for Chure’s conservation.
Chure-Tarai Madhes Conservation Development Committee President Birendra Yadav expressed commitment that they would move ahead understanding the sentiment of the local people in order to make the Chure programme effective.