Delay in bridge construction in Mustang

Mustang, March 9: Regular operation of transport services has met up with roadblock due to the delay in construction of bridges at different places under Jomsom-Korala road. The road section links with China.

The under-construction bridges over the Kaligandaki river and the Panda and Chaile rivulets are stalled. The Division of Roads office has taken responsibility for the construction of the bridges, and their upgrading, and the repair and maintenance of roads under 98 kilometers road section.A leader in the district, Sher Bahadur Gurung, said that construction of bridges has not been completed since eight years due to lack of supply of construction materials on time and the lack of willpower.

Gurung said, “It will be easy to operate regular and direct transport services towards the Korala border point after the construction of the bridges.”

Transport service along the Jomsom-Korala road section is operated only during the winter season and obstructed over six months for lack of bridges, said transport entrepreneur Jayaendra Thakali.