Laprak folks rebuild quake-ravaged village on their own

Laprak (Gorkha), March 10: The earthquake-hit Laprak folks of Gorkha have rebuilt devastated village on their own when the state-sponsored post-quake reconstruction and rebuild initiative is yet to be rolled out in full swing.
Locals of Laprak – the epicenter of 25 April Gorkha Earthquake – have constructed new house buildings to get saved from rains and winds in rainy season by seeking loans and mutual support from neighbours. They did not wait for the relief and grants supposed to be provided by the government and donor agency.
The disaster hard-hit community rebuilt their houses with the materials of their quake-devastated structures, pebbles and clay. The locals who had been languished in temporary shelters in Guptipakha came up with preparation to go back to survive their lives in old Laprak village in coming rainy season. They were in dire need of house to cultivate and harvest seasonal crops.
The quake-affected locals who refused to use government-provided zinc-corrugated sheets for building makeshift huts have used wooden materials in the roof.
Locals shared that they have reconstructed their houses in such a way to showcase peculiarity of old Laprak to bring back its recognition of touristic hub.
There is no use of cement in the newly-buiuld houses of Laprak locals. Villagers have wished to construct quake-resist house with the use of stone, clay and wood, said Pur Bahadur Gurung of Laprak-2.
“We have utilized the materials of devastated house. I have constructed a livable new house”, Gurung added.
The Laprak residents who were displaced by quake to makeshift structures from their village now have come back to their original place.