Khotang locals demand compensation for land used for road

Khotang, March 10: Local people at the settlements through which Diktel-Chakhewa stretch of the Mid-Hill Highway passes, have complained of being deprived of compensation for using their land for the road.
The locals at Diktel, Nerpa, Chandanda and Nirmalidanda have been asked to leave 31 meters land on either side of the land for the construction of the road as per existing provisions.
Out of the total 47 kilometres road, construction works on 27 kilometres section is already underway.
The locals have demanded that they be compensated before the construction works begin.
They have also warned of taking to the streets if their demands are not met.
The locals said that they are deprived of the compensation, while locals at the settlements through which Diktel-Jayaramghat stretch of the road passes, have been provided with compensation for the land used to construct the road.