Dhanusha allocates Rs 6.68 billion budget

Janakpurdham, March 12: The District Development Committee, Dhanusha, has allocated Rs 6. 68 billion for the fiscal year 2073/074 BS for an ‘inclusive, justifiable and self-reliant’ development of the district.

The 22nd district convention of Dhanusha held on Friday allocated the budget giving due emphasis on agriculture, forestry and environment, population and social development, among others.The district convention has also taken the policy to declare open-defecation free zone to the district’s municipalities and VDCs, construct wells in the northern belt of the district and operate disaster relief and rescue programmes.

Announcing the budget, Local Development Officer of Dhanusha Ram Krishna Upreti said that preparations are on to establish a central-level state-of-the-art medical college with the capacity of 1000 beds to provide basic health services to the folks in an effective manner.