UN Assistant Secretary- General in Nuwakot

Nuwakot, March 12: Visiting United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Asia-Pacific Bureau Director Xu Haoliang today inaugurated an agricultural products collection center at Thansingh of Nuwakot.

The UNDP funded to construct the center. The construction cost Rs 1.5 million.
On the occasion, Mr Xu said the UNDP’s current programmes in Nepal are focused on supporting the people affected by the April 25 major earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks. The UNDP feels proud of being a partner of the Nepal Government in its post-earthquake reconstruction efforts, he said.
Farmers of seven villages in the district are to be beneficial form the establishment of the center at Thansingh.
National Reconstruction Authority member Dhruba Sharma, Chief of District Agriculture Development Office Nuwakot, Kamalmani Gaire and Cooperative Division Office, Nuwakot Chief Shankar Raj Pathak were also present.