Philanthropic Shrestha couple constructs school at Rs 15 million

Pokhara, March 13: Sanat Shrestha and Durga Shrestha, a couple from Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City-8, handed over a two-storied school building to the community by constructing it at Rs 15.1 million on their own.

Amid a function organised on Saturday, the Shrestha couple handed over the keys of the 12-room building of a lower secondary school situated at Mohariya in Lekhnath Municipality.
With the philanthropic contributions of the couple, the school has got its facelift from its sorry state where the students were forced to carry on their classes in the muddy classes in the rainy days. The school is also renamed as Nawajyoti Sanat Durga Lower Secondary School from the Ministry of Education after the support from the couple.
Speaking on the occasion, Sanat said that he doled out the money to help construct the school building for his attempt to ensure access of the poor children to education.
Secretary at the Ministry of Education Bishwa Prakash Pandit inaugurated the school building and opined that supports of donors like the Shrestha couple in the country has helped to construct the school buildings remaining in dilapidated condition.