Forest fire rages on

Gaighat, March 13: The forest fire taking place in the forests of Haniya and Jogidaha area in Udayapur district for the past three days is still burning out of control, destroying a large quantity of herbs and wildlife as well.

The raging fire that has engulfed the community forests in the Mahabharat range and Deurali community forest has also posed a threat to the human settlements, Tejendra Chaudhary, a resident of Debdhar in Hadiya VDC said.
As high as 500 houses in Phuljor area are at risk of fire adding that the fire has spread in the area of 10 kms.
However, the District Forest Office, Udayapur, has taken no step so far to bring the fire under control.
The local residents said that they came to know about the forest fire two days after it broke out. The Office said that the forest fire could have occurred from the butts that locals threw in the forest while herding the cattle.