Minister Rai instructs to streamline NTC service

Kathmandu, March 13: Minister for Information and Communications, Sherdhan Rai, today issued instructions to Nepal Telecom (NTC) to provide quality service to its customers.

Minister Rai made the remark while addressing the Nepal Telecom Eastern Regional Office, Biratnagar employees today. The consumers’ problems should be dealt with within the next two months, Minister Rai emphasized, adding, “If that does not happen, a separate technical committee will be formed to assess as to why it did not happen.”
Minister Rai insisted on streamlining service dispatch making it efficient and ending customers’ complaints. He warned the employees to not shirk their duties on pretexts of blockade and earthquake.
He further said the Ministry would take the matter seriously if telecommunications service is not made effective and urged Nepal Telecom to formulate work plans on completing workloads in six months, a year and two years’ time span.
He spoke of the government’s plan to expand the service by making it 4 G, but took note of the failure to expand the 3 G service nationwide.
On the aspect of broadening the service of optical fiber, Minister Rai said, “We should expand service to central hilly region, highways, BP Highway, Postal Highway and all headquarters.”
Minister Rai further elaborated on his intention to make Nepal Telecom the best in the country, and reiterated his warning to employees to not make any pretexts. He said the company was now distributing cost-free SIM cards to fully disabled people, those injured during the people’s uprising and foreign tourists with a hope of promoting tourism sector.
He instructed the employees to reform the telecommunications in the eastern region calling its comparatively weaker.
The Minister also stressed on the workload of implementing the new constitution and holding the long- awaited local body elections, and added it was a necessity that all the parties took part in the incumbent government to give it a shape of national government.