Pigeon sacrifice to be banned at Baglung Kalika temple

Baglung, March 15: The practice of sacrificing pigeons at the Kalika temple here is to be stopped from April 13.

Usually, the devotees sacrifice pigeon among other birds and animals as a way of fulfilling their promise when their wishes get fulfilled with the goddess’ blessings. The Temple Management Committee is mulling prohibiting the practice of sacrificing pigeons reasoning that pigeon is the symbol of peace.
The Committee has also urged the general people not to make promise to sacrifice pigeons.
Committee Chairman Raju Khadka said that pigeons brought to the temple for sacrifices in course of worship would be instead released at the temple premises.
Chairman Khadka said that they decided to stop sacrificing pigeons as it was not good to sacrifice ‘the symbol of peace’.
Devotees have also suggested stopping the trend of sacrificing other birds as roosters and ducks, and animals. According to the Committee, number of devotees bringing pigeons for sacrifice is now decreasing.