Parliamentary committee directs for facilitating visa process

Kathmandu, March 15: The International Relations and Labour Committee under the Legislature-Parliament today issued instructions to the concerned government authorities to come up with a work plan to streamline the process of providing visas to foreign nationals to make it smooth and quick.

The Committee instructed for formulation of a work plan within a month’s time for facilitating the dispatch of visas to foreign nationals.
Following a discussion with the government officials from the concerned ministry and authorities, the committee called for using modern technology and making the visa distribution smooth, quicker while monitoring the effectiveness of newly adopted approach.
Committee Chairman, Prabhu Sah, said further decision will be taken following a written notice from the government authorities.
During the meeting with the Committee, Home Secretary, Narayan Gopal Malego, said he was not aware of any hassle and delays in the visa distribution process, and that the concerned body was carrying out necessary procedural work. He said the process will be further facilitated while moving ahead and take into consideration the security sensitivity.
Director General at the Department of Immigration, Kedar Neupane, said the visa distribution policy was in line with the effort to promote tourism, but the security sensitivity had to be taken into consideration in many other aspects.
Director General at the Department of Consular Services, Ganesh Prasad Dhakal, spoke of the types of visas being provided which include SAARC, ordinary, diplomatic, commercial and tourist visas among other.
In the meeting, Investment Board Nepal, Industry, Labour and Tourism Department representatives related the responsibilities and problems faced by their respective offices.
The Committee meeting will sit again on March 18 to review and discuss the Prime Minister’s recent India visit and forthcoming visit to China.